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Senator Andreychuk Condemns the Conviction of Political Prisoner Nadiya Savchenko

Rising in the Senate on March 24, 2016, Senator Andreychuk stated that the recent unjust conviction of Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadiya Savchenko is a blatant violation of international norms.

“Today, I join members of the international community in stating that not only were the charges not based on fact, the fundamental right of an accused is the right to a defense, which Lieutenant Savchenko was denied,” said Senator Andreychuk. “Her trial was characterized by an intolerable lack of due process.”

Lieutenant Savchenko has been illegally imprisoned in Russia since June 2014. Despite international outcry for her release, her detention has been repeatedly extended. On March 22, 2016, Lieutenant Savchenko was sentenced by a Russian court to serve 22 years in prison on charges related to her alleged complicity in the deaths of two Russian journalists.

“Lieutenant Savchenko remains a national symbol of bravery and resistance,” added Senator Andreychuk. “I urge all Canadian parliamentarians to call for the immediate release of Nadiya Savchenko, along with all other Ukrainian prisoners illegally detained in Russia.”

Senator Andreychuk’s full statement can be read here:

A petition calling for the immediate release of Lieutenant Nadiya Savchenko can be signed here:


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