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Senator Andreychuk appeals for judicial independence in Venezuela

Senator Andreychuk today reiterated her concern that Venezuela’s judiciary be allowed to function independently.

“Judicial impartiality is critical for upholding Venezuelans’ human and civil rights, and the integrity of the state institutions that underpin Venezuela’s democracy,” said Senator Andreychuk.

Her statements came as the trial of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez got underway in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. Mr. López is accused of inciting violence and the destruction of public property during waves of protests that began in Venezuela in early February.

Allegations of the politicization of state institutions have continued to emerge in the aftermath of the protests, which left some 43 Venezuelans dead, and hundreds wounded and imprisoned.

“Violence cannot be condoned, and justice must be applied following the process of law,” added Senator Andreychuk. “But the absence of fair trials for those accused will only deepen Venezuelans’ grievances and complicate any possibility of reaching a lasting political settlement.”


On June 12, 1014, Senator Andreychuk moved the following motion in the Senate of Canada:

That the Senate of Canada take note of the ongoing tensions in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and that it urge the Government of Venezuela to:

1. immediately end all unlawful acts of violence and repression against civilians, including the activities of armed civilian groups, and

2. commit to meaningful and inclusive dialogue centred on the need to:

(a) restore the rule of law and constitutionalism, including the independence of the judiciary and other state institutions;

(b) respect and uphold international human rights obligations, including the freedoms of expression and the press; and,

(c) take swift and appropriate measures to curb inflation, corruption and lawlessness, and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all Venezuelans.

That the Senate of Canada further encourage all parties and parliamentarians in Venezuela to:

1. encourage their supporters to refrain from violence and the destruction of public and private property; and,

2. commit to dialogue aimed at achieving a political solution to the current crisis and its causes.


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