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Senator Andreychuk commemorates victims of the Maidan

Rising in the Senate on 19 February 2015, Senator Andreychuk commemorated the first anniversary since the mass shooting of Euromaidan protesters on the streets of Kyiv, Ukraine.

“Between February 18th and 20th, 2014, Special Forces under the command of President Yanukovich opened fire on unarmed protesters in Kyiv,” she said; “More than one-hundred protesters had lost their lives by the time the guns fell silent.”

The killings led to the collapse of the government of President Yanukovich, and unleashed a conflict that continues in eastern Ukraine today, fuelled by Russian soldiers, rubles and military equipment.

“Defying international laws and norms, the Kremlin repeatedly flouted Russia’s international commitments,” said Senator Andreychuk, who noted the ongoing suffering of Ukrainians, and the repression of Crimean Tatars and Russians.

“As this unnecessary crisis continues, let us pause to remember those who died one year ago on the Maidan,” she added.

“Let us honour the memory of those who sacrificed their lives in hope for a better future for their country and their region. And let us commit to supporting their vision of a future Ukraine that is sovereign, peaceful, rights-respecting, democratic, and free!”

Senator Andreychuk’s full statement on the Anniversary of the Euromaidan Shootings can be read here:

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